Thermal Spraying


Thermal spraying

This is one of the surface treatment technologies in which thermal spray materials are melted by the heat source of a thermal spray machine and sprayed to form a film.

Thermal spraying has little thermal effect on the base material, so there is little distortion and a film can be formed according to the application.

In addition, thermal spraying can be applied to a wide variety of materials without selecting the base material because it rarely adheres to the base material.


Arc spraying

An arc is generated between the wires, and the energy is used to melt the wires, which are then atomized by compressed air and sprayed.

Plasma spraying

The arc ionizes the inert gas and generates a plasma state, which generates heat of tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, and the thermal spray powder is injected into the heat source, melted, and sprayed.

HVOF diamond jet spray

Powder is fed and sprayed in a high-speed flame.
The high thermal efficiency and speed of the spraying process creates a thermal spray coating with strong adhesion.


◾️Corrosion wear resistance

◾️Abrasion resistance

◾️Impact resistance

◾️Oxidation and sulfurization resistance

◾️High temperature corrosion resistance

◾️Electrical insulation


Metal spraying (dissimilar metals)

Aluminum bronze thermal spray coating is deposited to impart sliding wear characteristics to iron base material.
Left: After thermal spraying
Right: After thermal spraying lathe processing

Insulating spray

Ceramics are sprayed as insulation to prevent electrical leakage in the event of contact between heater wiring and the mold.

Wear-resistant and hardening thermal spraying

The bearing section was worn out, so it was modified and sprayed with high-hardness ceramics to provide wear resistance.

Heat and corrosion resistant

The carburizing gas generator (CRG gas generator) was sprayed with heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant thermal spraying because it was to be replaced after about one year of corrosion.

Carbide thermal spraying of press dies

Hard chrome plating reduces maintenance costs by extending the service life of molds as a surface treatment during regeneration of molds that are subject to significant wear.


◾️High-speed flame spraying machine

◾️Plasma thermal spraying machine

◾️Arc spraying machine

◾️6-axis robot for thermal spraying

◾️Shot blasting machine

◾️Lathe, Milling machine, Turntable