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Since its establishment 60 years ago.  A pioneer of build up welding.
Contributing to the longevity of society by pursuing surface modification technology.

Our company was founded in 1963 and started its build up welding business.
Over the past 60 years, we have continued to develop, manufacture, and sell build up welding materials for molds and facilities, and have contributed to the longevity of society.

Recently, the technological innovation of manufacturing has been advancing rapidly, and our business areas of molds and facilities are brought about major changes.
We are constantly striving to respond to these changes by devoting our efforts to research and development.

We will be happy to consult with you about build up welding technology and thermal spraying technology, as well as business  succession and technology inheritance.
Please feel free to contact us.

Naoki Otake
President of Tokai Yogyo Co.,Ltd.

Company overview


Name of companyTOKAI YOGYO CO.,LTD.
ExecutivePresident Naoki Otake
Board Director Hiroaki Inoue
Board Director Kei Takai
Auditing Officer Takeshi Matsumura
EstablishmentNovember 1963
Capital stock20 million yen
Annual Sales790 million yen (FY2023)
Bussines recordsJapan, China, Korea, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico
U.S.A., U.K., Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brazil
Number of Employees37
Correspondent BanksMUFG BANK,LTD., The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.
1-29, Imae, Hanamoto-cho, Toyota City, Aichi, Japan
TELTEL +81-565-43-2311(main)
FAXFAX +81-565-43-2355



November 8, 1963Narao Yasui, the first president, established TOKAI YOGYO SHOJI CO.,LTD.
Started development and sales of special welding materials
1966Company name changed to TOKAI YOGYO CO.,LTD.
1970Nagoya Factory (Midori-ku, Nagoya) opened
Special welding and thermal spraying operations started
1983Kasugai Factory opened
Started production of special welding materials
1986Intoroduced arc spraying facilities
Intoroduced plasma spraying facilities
1994Intorduced HVOF diamond jet thermal spraying facilities
2000Narao Yasui retired and Kozo Yasui becomed President
2002Expanded facilities at Kasugai factory
Acquired ISO9001 certification
2003Constructed a new building and a new factory in Hanamoto-cho, Toyota City
2004Relocated to a new building
2005Acquired ISO14001 certification
2015Upgraded facilities
Established a business and capital tie-up with ALCONIX CORPORATION
2018Introduced component analyzer to strengthen quality assurance
2021Expanded electric furnace
2022Kozo Yasui retired and Naoki Otake becomed President
2023Upgraded wastewater treatment facility



  Tokai Yogyo Co., Ltd.

1-29, Imae, Hanamoto-cho, Toyota City, Aichi, Japan
TEL +81-565-43-2311(main)
FAX +81-565-43-2355